Library - Lilydale MARC (Mobile Area Resource Centre)

Gruyere Primary School have been the base school for the Mobile Area Resource Centre for many years. This is a great asset to the school and provides excellent and up-to-date resources to support students’ literacy learning. It is a library first and foremost but offers several advantages to our students. The MARC program provides resources and staff to teach research, library skills, reading strategies and literature appreciation. The program complements the classroom teaching and learning of literature through the Victorian Curriculum. 


The library is being constantly updated and is filled with picture story books, fictional novels and non-fiction books for students and teachers to borrow. Students are able to choose books weekly from the library to read at home. 


School-based MARC lessons allow students to share a book, discuss different literary aspects, think critically and explore issues in detail with an activity that integrates into other key learning areas. Students have a one hour specialist library session each week and are encouraged to borrow books frequently to develop their reading interest and skills. 


Away from school students can also access a variety of online resources through a ‘virtual library’ that the MARC teacher maintains. It is a fantastic resource that is regularly updated to include loads of read-alouds, book previews and e-books for students to read grouped by topic, interest area, genre and age group. There is also a facility for students to search the current catalogue of books from home and even reserve them online!


One of the highlights of a dedicated literature program is the participation in annual celebrations of books including YABBA awards where students can read texts by Australian authors and become ‘shadow judges’, and the annual Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book Week. Book Week has a long standing tradition of students coming to school in costume based on one of the characters in a book or story they’ve read. The children love to dress up for a parade and to share their favourite books. Teachers join in on the fun too! We particularly enjoy coordinating our costumes in our team.