Why choose a small school?

Why choose a small school?


At Gruyere Primary School:

  • every child has an individualised learning and homework program
  • the student/teacher ratio is excellent
  • implementing curriculum change is much easier than in a larger school
  • new opportunities and ideas can be implemented quickly
  • long term relationships between teachers and pupils foster a greater commitment by both the child and the teacher to each other
  • the children are very confident and have great relationships with their teachers and each other


The school works like a big family in many ways. The children have to mix with older and younger peers in and out of the classroom. It allows them to develop wonderful peer relationships, they have a great respect for each other, their teachers and they take great pride in the school.


The small schools and education outcomes research paper, written by Trevor Cobbold, in July 2011, concludes that smaller schools are generally better for most purposes in education. Many studies conducted during the past 20 years have found that small schools, particularly at primary school level, have a positive effect upon student achievement, extra-curricular participation, student satisfaction, student behaviour and attendance. Here is a link to the article. http://www.saveourschools.com.au/file_download/73


Parent comments


“I love being a part of a strong community base where all the parents know each other, and I know all the children.  When you are a part of a community you don’t just feel proud of your own children’s achievements, you feel proud of ALL the children’s achievements.” 

 (Parent – 7 years association with the school)


“My son found the transition from a small primary school to a large secondary school very easy. I think this was because he learnt great social skills at Gruyere Primary. “

(Parent – 9 years association with the school)