The staff at Gruyere Primary School are embracing the highly effective approach of team teaching. This gives us the advantages of drawing on each other's strengths and experience as well as providing a variety of teaching and learning strategies to cater for individual learning styles and needs.


This approach has proven to model to children respectful relationships between adults.


Our core curriculum is delivered in this manner by:




"As Principal of Gruyere Primary School I feel very fortunate to be working with such a knowledgeable, experienced and collaborative team of educators. As well as a dynamic, active parent community and a wonderful group of engaged, lively and thoughtful students."

Michele Upton

Principal and Team Teacher










"I have been a classroom teacher at Gruyere Primary School for twelve years. I enjoy teaching in a small school because I get to see students throughout their whole primary school learning journey. As a teaching team we get to know each student and their strengths and are able to individualise programs and support their academic, social and emotional development. Many of my interests are based around visual arts and I love sharing this with the students."

Emma Di Stefano

Team Teacher





We believe in achieving the highest standard in all areas; academically, physically, interpersonally and intrapersonally. We are dedicated towards providing experts and specialists in joining our collaborative teaching and learning program.



DET staff currently working with us:


"I am privileged to be able to work at a number of small schools as a MARC teacher and joined the Gruyere school community in 2019.The benefit of teaching in a small school is that I am able to develop strong relationships with students and get to know their interests. This really helps me to be able to find the perfect book for them to borrow during our MARC lessons. I am passionate about developing students love of reading and maintaining a virtual library to keep students connected with books at home. Each week I facilitate book clubs, this helps to extend students reading skills as well as being an excellent opportunity for students from small schools to connect with each other. Outside of school I love spending time with my family and with a good book." 


Kathryn Vine

M.A.R.C. Literature





Catherine Gerace

Office Administrator




External Providers currently working with us:


Sally Banks

Violin lessons


Wayne Cherry

Singing and guitar lessons


Short term program partnerships:


Scientists in Schools Program - partnership with Sarah Maddison, astrophysicist


VIS Sportsperson in Schools Program - working with Jacqui Cooper and Ziggy Callan


Hawthorn Football Club - coaching sessions


Local sporting associations and clubs - clincs and demonstrations


Local artist - providing specialist classes