Frequently Asked Questions 


What if my child can’t find friends in such a small school?


Most children find friends easily at Gruyere – your children will make friends with children of all ages accross the school.  Gruyere Primary School is a very inclusive community environment.

Most birthday parties include children from at least 3 different year levels.


A buddy system ensures that all children have someone they can play with during lunchtime and recess. 

How will my children manage the transition to a bigger secondary school?

Our experience from past students indicates that children from Gruyere Primary School make very successful transitions from primary to secondary school.  We think this is due to the social skills and leadership opportunities of a small school.


How does Gruyere Primary School deal with bullying?


Gruyere Primary School has a formal bullying and harassment policy.  In a small school, any bullying is noticed very quickly and dealt with promptly.



What if my child has conflict with another child?


Conflicts are rare at Gruyere Primary School, but when they occur, they are sorted out promptly with teacher and/or parental help as needed.