Gruyere Primary School

Gruyere Primary School



Gruyere Primary School is a small school on a quiet road in the heart of a farming and vineyard area of the Yarra Valley.  The current enrolment is 28 students.


Gruyere Primary School provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment that:

-             sustains children’s enthusiasm and talent for self learning and thirst for    knowledge

-             builds an enthusiastic community of learners

-             provides the highest standards of education, social and civic values, health and wellbeing

-             offers a rare and valuable opportunity to develop bilingual skills and cultural awareness through the Japanese program


The school prides itself on warmly welcoming new families to the school community.


The extensive and beautiful school grounds include a vegetable garden, and have been a finalist in the Victorian Schools Garden Awards many times. The school has a brand-new building which sensitively incorporates the original 100 year old school room with modern classrooms.


Small and flexible classes allow highly individualised learning and encourage high standards of education.  The small number of students allows children to socialise and make friends with all ages, and gives leadership opportunities to all students.